Labor Candidates Will Help Create Jobs, Make Education Affordable, Jumpstart the Economy


New Jersey’s working families need relief. Job growth has not kept pace with our neighbors. Workers of all income levels except millionaires have seen their take-home pay drop and their spending power decline.

Elections are about voting for candidates on the local, state and federal level who share our values and will help us attain our dreams. This year’s labor-supported candidates – including 42 rank-and-file labor candidates -- are counting on our support.

That’s why it’s so important to walk the walk and participate in labor walks taking place on Saturday mornings between now and Election Day on November 4th. 

This week, 875 union volunteers from 93 locals visited 30,625 union households. So far this election season, our volunteers have knocked on 94,325 union members’ doors. To see photos from today’s labor walks, CLICK HERE.

The November 4th election is just over two weeks away. We thank you for your continued support of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s Labor 2014 program, coordinated with the state’s Central Labor Councils. Working together, we can win together and turn our economy around!

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