Labor Leads the Way

With Election Day in their sights, volunteers come out in droves to support New Jersey State AFL-CIO endorsed candidates.

Today, our walks launched from several locations across the state, with 1120 volunteers knocking on over 39,200 doors, helping to get the word out to our brothers and sisters about the candidates who represent our values.

Governor Phil Murphy and Congressman Frank Pallone made an appearance at the Monmouth/Ocean Central Labor Council, IBEW 400 in Wall, where they both delivered inspirational speeches before a crowd of eager volunteers.

“We have work to do,” Governor Murphy said. “This ballot is filled with folks where the distinction is clear. They’re either with labor, they’re on New Jersey’s side and protecting our interests, or they’re not.”

He added, “We have to get Bob Menendez reelected to the U.S. Senate. Any aspiration we have as a party nationally runs through New Jersey, and if we can’t get Bob Menendez reelected, we don’t get back control of the Senate, and we don’t get to control our fate and push back against the impulses that are coming at us.”

Governor Murphy’s biggest concern isn’t that people won’t agree with us, but rather that they won’t vote. That, he said, is why labor walks are so important. These walks are our chance to get out there, to pound the pavement, and to knock on doors and make sure people are paying attention.    

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