Labor Day 2017: Using our Momentum to Secure our Future

Labor_Day_2017.jpgLabor Day is a celebration and reaffirmation of the two goals of the labor movement: dignifying work and enriching our communities and our families. While New Jersey has made great progress in these goals, our work will not be over until everyone has a job that affords workers the dignity and respect they deserve.

New Jersey is home to one of the strongest labor movements in the country. Our programs, including the Labor Candidates School, the We Are One NJ center, and our Committee on Political Education, have been recognized on a national scale. This could not have been possible without the hard work of our many affiliates who make our programs, labor walks, organization drives, lobbying efforts, mobilization, and workplace actions a success. Through the solidarity of the State Federation, Central Labor Councils, and Building Trades Councils, we are amplifying the full voice of labor to the benefit of all New Jersey’s working families.

On this Labor Day, we want to acknowledge the importance of the work done by our affiliates and their members, whether it’s at a jobsite, an office, a classroom, a hospital, or elsewhere, your expertise and skills are what strengthens this movement and keeps our state running.

It’s important to maintain this effort, as there is a lot of work ahead of us. This year we have the opportunity to elect a Governor and State Legislature that will enact policies that work for working families. It is up to us to utilize this opportunity, not let it pass us by. Let this Labor Day serve as a reminder that our challenges, no matter what sector of the labor movement we come from, are shared. We have come too far to forget that in our solidarity is our strength.

We wish all of our brothers and sisters a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day, and thank you for the talents and dedication you bring to the job and our mission to secure a prosperous future for all.

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