Once Again Labor Makes the Difference

965 Labor Candidate Victories


Labor has done it again. The election of Sister Dahlia Vertreese, IUOE 68, as the Mayor of Hillside is a victory that bears the union label. Labor’s efforts were the heart and soul of this operation as hundreds of our brothers and sisters from across the region spent all week knocking on doors, planting lawn signs, distributing mail, and making calls late into the evening around the holidays – all following a rigorous campaign for the general election just a month ago.

We congratulate Sister Vertreese on a hard-fought campaign and meaningful victory for working people across the community. With turnouts dominated by union volunteers every weekend, there is no doubt that this result was the product of union solidarity.

This election marks a total of 965 rank-and-file union member election victories achieved as a result of our labor candidates program with an average annual win ratio of more than 70%. As organized labor we are proud of the unsurpassed impact of our political program in New Jersey that continues to elevate the voice of workers as no other state can.

Once again, thank you to the many union volunteers, who made this victory possible, for being the driving force of this campaign, and for the work you continue to do on behalf of all New Jersey families.


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