Keep Promise on Pensions

With Governor Christie’s announcement in May of 2014 that he isn’t going to make the full, legally required payment into the public employee pension funds, he’s doing more than just robbing the system of more than $4 billion – he’s breaking his promise to the people of New Jersey.

New Jersey’s public employees have never skipped a pension payment – and are paying even more into the system with every paycheck. The least the state can do is pay its share, too. 

For three years, Gov. Christie toured New Jersey and across the nation proclaiming that he had fixed New Jersey’s pensions. He talked about how he had forced public employees to put more into the system with the promise the state would stop skipping it’s payments. He claimed to be a different kind of politician. Now we know that was all for show.

Tell your legislators to hold the governor to the deal they made, and demand the full pension payment be made! Tell them that the men and women who work hard for the people of New Jersey will not let their futures be risked for political gain. If the governor can find more than $4 billion in corporate welfare to hand out, he can fund the pension system according to the law.

Together, we must send a strong message to the Governor: Keep your promises, no more budget gimmicks. PLEASE FIGHT FOR A BUDGET THAT INCLUDES A FULL PENSION PAYMENT!