• Under Governor Christie, New Jersey public schools have continually been under-funded. One of his first acts in office was to cut $500 million from public schools, and today state funding still falls $1 billion below where it should be under the school funding formula.
  • Many schools in New Jersey still receive less school aid than they did before Christie took office, leaving property taxpayers to have to make up the difference.
  • Governor Christie has put the focus on charter schools, which take vital resources away from local public schools.
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  • traffic.jpgUnder Governor Christie, the Transportation Trust Fund, which pays for repairs to roads, bridges and mass transit is about to go bankrupt.
  • The governor campaigned on ending the borrowing for projects, yet he has borrowed so much the state will actually run out of money to borrow a year earlier than expected.
  • Our gas tax money is supposed to go into the Transportation Trust Fund to pay for roads and bridges, but not one penny of what we pay in gas taxes actually goes to build or fix anything – it all goes to paying debt.
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Public Employee Pensions

  • Over a span of 15 years, and under both Democrats and Republicans, the state had skipped tens of billions of dollars of pension payments, putting the system on the brink.
  • Public employees have never missed a pension payment, as money comes straight out of their paychecks.
  • Faced with an $800 million hole in the FY2014 budget, the Governor decided to cut a scheduled pension payment by $900 million and reduced the FY 2015 pension payment by $1.5 billion, violating the law he signed in 2011 and reneging on his promise to fully fund pensions.
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