In Focus: Janice Kovach, Ready to Make Our Voices Heard in Washington

Janice Kovach was one of the most outspoken and determined supporters of raising New Jersey’s minimum wage last year. As Mayor of the Town of Clinton, she understood that such a policy would not only benefit residents of her community, but would also strengthen the strained finances of families all across the state. Kovach is ready to bring this same broad-minded approach to Washington to ensure that our government works for our entire middle class.

Kovach would ensure that residents in the 7thCongressional District get the representation they deserve. Sitting Congressman Leonard Lance has not fought on behalf of working families as Kovach would. Kovach strongly believes corporations must pay their fair share in taxes. She is tired of corporations offshoring their profits to avoid taxes and creating artificial deficits here at home. Kovach also understands workers’ paychecks are being squeezed. Therefore, she supports increasing the minimum wage, because any person who works full time should earn enough to break out of the cycle of poverty.

These are just a few of the issues at stake in the upcoming election, but no matter the issue, we can count on Janice Kovach to fight for working families and the middle class every day. To learn more about Janice Kovach and what makes her the best candidate to represent our union values, please CLICK HERE.

Election Day is only 21 days away, which gives us less than a month to ensure that our union brothers and sisters have the key facts about this year’s candidates. It’s about time the 7th District had a strong-willed representative, who is ready to make Washington work for our families. CLICK HERE to get involved in our election activities.

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