In Focus: Aimee Belgard, a Proven Strong Voice for New Jersey’s Workers and Families

New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District is one of the most competitive House races in the nation this year, yet the choice between the candidates could not be any clearer. On one hand we have Aimee Belgard, a thoughtful and longtime community leader who understands the challenges facing middle-class families and is determined to be a voice for us in Congress. On the other hand, there is Tom MacArthur, a multi-millionaire insurance CEO from North Jersey, who decided to move to the district to buy a seat in Congress.


On an issue-by-issue comparison, the choice becomes even plainer. Belgard supports raising the minimum wage; MacArthur refuses to support it. Belgard supports equal pay for equal work to address the gender pay gap; MacArthur believes equal pay laws “might result in more unnecessary litigation”. Belgard will be a voice for average working families; MacArthur will promote an agenda of tax cuts for Big Business and the wealthy. To read more please CLICK HERE.

Furthermore, as a Burlington County Freeholder, Belgard has gained a comprehensive knowledge of issues that are important to the community, and she understands what it takes to balance raising a family with her responsibilities as an elected official. By comparison, MacArthur, who spent $3 million to finance his own campaign and bought another home to establish residency in the district, would have difficulty understanding the priorities of average working families in the area.

Our mission between now and Election Day, only 35 days away, is to provide union members and their families with a comparison between the candidates because when the facts are known, the choice becomes clear. With your support we can elect a leader who shares our middle-class values. CLICK HERE to find out how you can help make the difference.

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