HPAE Nurses Ratify Contracts at Inspira to Support Safe Staffing and Patient Safety


We are pleased to share the news that 1,300 Registered Nurses, represented by HPAE, have ratified new three-year contracts at four South Jersey hospitals in the Inspira Health Network. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates our brothers and sisters on a victory that will raise the standard of hospital care in New Jersey and ensure that all patients receive top quality care from the best qualified health service professionals.

During the New Jersey State AFL-CIO 29th Constitutional Convention, a resolution was adopted to support safe staffing and improved patient outcomes. We are pleased to see significant progress already being made by our affiliated unions to promote these goals. The newly ratified contracts, among other things, establish safe nurse-to-patient ratios, protect nurses jobs, and increase wages in order to reward and retain experienced staff.

These agreements were ratified after four months of negotiations, three contract extensions, and the involvement of a federal mediator. This victory demonstrates that when workers come together on the job to exercise their voice, the result is a win-win for all stakeholders. Not only will nurses be better able to take care of their patients, but greater financial security ensures they can take care of their own families as well.

Once again, we congratulate our brothers and sisters on a great victory and thank them for their service to patients and the community.

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