House Passes Bill to Shutdown NLRB

H.R. 1120, an outrageous bill which would essentially shut down the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), passed the House of Representatives today by a vote of 219 to 209. All Democrats along with 10 Republicans voted to stop this blatant attack on workers, while the bulk of Republicans voted to weaken legal protection of workers’ rights.

The NLRB enforces rules established under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which protects the rights of workers to form unions, bargain collectively and have a voice on the job. This bill demonstrates the right-wing’s attempt to dismantle our system for preserving workplace justice and make it easier for employers to violate the law without consequence.

This legislation not only hurts workers, but also hurts businesses and the public because the NLRB provides orderly procedures for resolving labor disputes and preventing disruptions in commerce.

Fortunately, this bill will not be taken up by the Senate, but it is symbolic of the right-wing’s anti-worker agenda. We thank those representatives who voted “NO” on this shameful bill and express our disappointment with those who voted to weaken legal protection of workers’ rights.

New Jersey House Delegation vote on H.R. 1120

NO       Rob Andrews (D-01)
YES      Frank LoBiondo (R-02)
YES      Jon Runyan (R-03)
YES      Chris Smith (R-04)
YES      Scott Garrett (R-05)
NO       Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-06)
YES      Leonard Lance (R-07)
NO       Albio Sires (D-08)
NO       Bill Pascrell (D-09)
NO       Donald Payne, Jr. (D-10)
YES      Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11)
NO       Rush Holt (D-12)

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