Health Care under Siege: Contact Congress to Make your Voice Heard

Working people across the country are urging their members of Congress not to take away health care from 30 million people. The far-right wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act without providing anything close to a decent replacement, which would spell disaster.

Additionally, they’re planning to slash the Medicaid program that provides essential services to children, people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as end Medicare as we know it. On top of this, they want to impose a new tax on workplace health benefits that will come directly out of workers’ paychecks and lead many to lose the coverage we get through our jobs.

CLICK HERE to urge your member of Congress not to tax employee health benefits and to ensure access for all Americans to quality affordable health care.

It’s never been more important for working people to make our voices heard. The more we hear about the right-wing health care plan, the worse it gets. If the ACA is repealed, 30 million Americans could lose health care coverage and millions more will face less affordable and less accessible health care. The bottom line is their plan will cost working people more, cover fewer families and literally endanger the lives of people who need critical care.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your member of Congress to protect health care for all working people.

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