Have a Union-Made Holiday


Our election success this year showed the power of our collective voice. By shopping union, we can likewise show the power of our collective wallets. With every purchase of union-made goods, we aren’t just supporting good-paying union jobs, we are also helping to raise compensation standards for all workers.

A list of resource pages is below to help you and your family celebrate a union-made holiday:

New Jersey is a union state and we have the power to express our values as consumers. When it comes to companies that place profits over people, we must take note and act accordingly. The Nabisco 600 campaign has done a great job of helping consumers fight for American jobs by checking the label first. Our UFCW and RWDSU brothers and sisters are similarly fighting to protect good paying jobs with a picket line to protest Lidl supermarket in Vineland, NJ. The list of companies that seek to enrich themselves on the backs of workers is extensive, with Walmart as a prime example, but by shopping union, we can make a difference.

Thank you as always for all you do to keep the labor movement strong. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday and look forward to the progress ahead in the New Year.

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