GOP Nullifies U.S. Labor Laws by Refusing to Confirm NLRB Appointees

The Right Wing’s refusal to confirm nominees to the NLRB National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) means that there is no functioning body to uphold U.S. Labor laws. Under these conditions, employers can willfully violate labor laws without any consequence. This has been the case for the last year and a half, and business groups could not be any happier.

CLICK HERE to urge you Senators to support a functioning NLRB and confirm the Presidents five nominees.

The NLRB was formed in 1935 to ensure free and fair union elections and to protect the legal rights of both workers and their employers. The NLRB was a milestone for workers’ rights as it meant that corporations would no longer act as judge, jury, and executioner in the case of a workplace dispute.

Without the NLRB, 80 million private sector workers will have nowhere to turn for legal protection. If a corporation unlawfully fires an employee, that worker today has no recourse and no path to seek justice because the Republicans have effectively dissolved the enforcement of U.S. labor laws in our country. There is no excuse for the GOP’s actions other than blind obedience to corporate lobbyists.

No political party should be able to shut down the sole agency in charge of enforcing labor laws. The actions of the right wing are analogous to shutting down a police department because you don’t agree with the politics of the police chief. But in this case, the Republicans are shutting down the enforcement agency for workers’ rights because they don’t agree with the President. This abuse of power needs to stop.

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