Full Results: New Jersey Votes to Put Working Families First

Labor Candidates Notch 962nd Win


In addition to securing a victory in the gubernatorial election, the labor movement was also successful in expanding pro-worker majorities in the New Jersey State Legislature, an achievement that separates New Jersey from the rest of the nation, and will ensure that organized labor shapes the future policies of our state.

Through the nationally renowned New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates Program, this year’s election saw a blockbuster 43 victories achieved by rank-and-file union members running for public office. These results bring the total number of election victories up to 962 in the program’s 21 year history. When it comes to leading our state forward, organized labor isn’t just active at the ballot box; they are direct champions of our middle class values everyday through positions in public office at all levels of our state, county, and local governments.

CLICK HERE for a full list of labor candidate results.

This election is only the beginning, and organized labor will use this momentum to usher in a new era of progress for all working people that is long-overdue.

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