Forging Ahead, Strength Through Solidarity: 2016 in Review


The labor movement will be tested in the coming years, but our path forward is clear. We all understand the importance of solidarity, but what is equally important is an understanding and mutual respect for one another. Politicians will seek to divide us, but we can fight back by educating ourselves about the issues affecting each of our unions and resolving to stand together.

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Whether the issue is trade, prevailing wage, immigration, pensions, charter schools, or minimum wage, the only way forward will be to stand together, not only for the things that matter to our individual unions, but for the things that matter to all our brothers and sisters throughout the labor movement.

There will be clear parallels between the Christie administration and a Trump administration, providing our unions with insight into the challenges that lie ahead. Trump is already attacking unions in the same public manner that Christie did in order to make a name for himself. As we know from the past, this type of divisive talk only harms us if we allow it to.

This year, New Jersey unions proved that nothing will hold us back from our agenda of good jobs, justice, and respect for all working people. While the results of the election were not what we had hoped for, we in New Jersey did our job, and we could not be prouder of the solidarity shown around our state.

Unions have and will continue to be a leading force for progress no matter the political landscape,  no matter the opposition. Your ongoing leadership to build the labor movement will be as important as ever. It is thanks to all affiliates, Central Labor Councils, and Building Trades Councils that we can look back on 2016 as a year of significant accomplishments.

We will no doubt face challenging times, but we have survived before and this time will be no different. We thank you for all you do to represent working family values and will continue to do to ensure our success in 2017.

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