Help us Tweet Our Way to Bill Maher’s Final Four and Flip New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District


On tomorrow night’s show, Bill Maher will announce the last candidate to fill out the final four contenders for #FlipADistrict – a competition to determine which House of Representatives member is most deserving of being booted out of office. As we know here in New Jersey, that candidate is Scott Garrett.

There is no time to spare. We need everyone to log onto Twitter and Facebook right now to send a message to Bill Maher asking him to add New Jersey’s 5th District to the final four. Make sure to use the hashtags #FlipADistrict and #NJ5 in your posts and tweets.

CLICK HERE to TWEET the following to Bill Maher:

@RoyCho fights for working families & will take our cause to Washington. NJ unions in solidarity to dump Scott Garrett #FlipADistrict #NJ5

CLICK HERE to SHARE on FACEBOOK. Once again, be sure to include the hashtags #FlipADistict and #NJ5 in your post.

It is up to us to convince Bill Maher and his team that the 5th District is the one that needs to be flipped, not only because of Garrett’s disgraceful record and extreme Tea Party views, but because his challenger, Roy Cho, shares our working family values and has what it takes to fight for the middle class in Washington, DC. This would be quite a contrast to Scott Garrett who has used his ten years in Congress to fight against workers and their ability to earn a decent living and build a future.

There is no question that it is time to flip New Jersey’s 5th District. Therefore, please join us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can make the case. If you have any questions about how to take action, please contact Lee Sandberg at 609-989-8730 or

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