Help to Flip New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District Using Facebook and Twitter

Wouldn’t it be great to have Bill Maher fighting alongside us in this election to unseat New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett (CD-5)? With your help, we can actually make that happen.  Simply, include the hashtags #NJ5 and #FlipaDistrict in your Facebook and Twitter posts and a message about why Garrett should get the boot.


Here’s the catch: Garrett is one of 16 candidates vying for the un-coveted title of worst U.S. Representative on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”. The contenders will advance in a tournament style based on the number of Facebook and Twitter mentions they receive. In order to progress to the final stages, we need to post as much as possible starting now. The winner/target will be announced on September 12th at which time, Maher and his team will work to spotlight the selected candidate’s abysmal record and do their best to help flip the district.

There are several reasons why #NJ5 should be chosen as the district to flip. First, this race is winnable. Second, challenger Roy Cho has proven he has what it takes to fight on behalf of all working families and to expand economic opportunities in our state. Lastly, our state has had to endure over ten years of Garrett’s out-of-step and radical Tea Party politics. Garrett has voted against unemployment benefits, labor rights, commonsense environmental regulations, Medicare and Medicaid, and was one of the few Congressional extremists who refused to end the government shutdown in 2013. He was also the only Congressman in New Jersey to refuse to sign a letter to House leadership asking them to provide prompt disaster relief to Super Storm Sandy victims.

There is no question that it is time to flip New Jersey’s 5th District. Therefore, please join us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can make the case. If you have any questions about how to participate, please contact Lee Sandberg at 609-989-8730 or

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