First Meeting of Morris CLC Builds Labor Solidarity

Morris CLC Development Committee

Unite, organize, and win! This is the formula that labor has followed since its founding. With the first meeting of the Morris CLC held last night, we are proud to recognize the commitment of local unions to our roots of growing the labor movement through our solidarity.

The meeting itself was a shining example of the type of discussion that needs to take place to bring the various sectors of our labor movement closer together. By having the forum of the Morris CLC, members can communicate their respective issues to one another and in turn support each other.

We thank our many affiliates who have stepped up to build the Morris CLC from the ground up and ensure that solidarity is reflected in every corner of our state. We further congratulate all those who participated in last night’s meeting to lay the crucial framework that will ensure the success of this labor council.

These are undoubtedly challenging times for working people, but with the past as our guide, we will fight back and we will emerge stronger than ever before. As always our solidarity is what makes the difference, and we are proud of the progress we will achieve through the Morris CLC and with your continued support.

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