URGENT: Call on Congress to Oppose Fast Track


Congress is considering a bill that is bad for democracy, bad for workers, and would effectively put global corporations in charge of writing our trade deals. The threat this legislation poses to working families cannot be understated; its impact would be drastic and devastating.

CLICK HERE to forward a message to your members of Congress now, urging them to oppose Fast Track.

Fast Track was introduced in the previous session of Congress as S. 1900 and H.R. 3830 and would establish a process that allows no amendments and limited debate on trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Once legislators have the Fast Track ticket in their hands, they are free to agree to provisions that will send jobs overseas, reduce the bargaining power of workers, jeopardize health and safety regulations and give corporations more control over our economy and our trading partners’ economies.

Fast Track would open the flood gates to the same NAFTA style, unfair trade deals that have cost millions of American jobs, devastated our manufacturing base, and suppressed health and safety regulations around the world. In short, Fast Track is a nightmare for workers and our democracy and must be defeated.

If you would like to learn more, be sure to check out this video from Robert Reich, who has summed up the threat of Fast Track and the TPP into a two and a half minute clip. You can also find the national AFL-CIO’s “Fast Facts on Fast Track” HERE.

We must ensure that every member of our state delegation understands the need to oppose Fast Track. CLICK HERE to make your voice heard in support of government transparency, democracy and working families.

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