Executive Order Signed to Combat Worker Misclassification

IMG_2341.JPGThe New Jersey State AFL-CIO joined with Central Labor Council Presidents, labor elected officials, and affiliates today for the signing of an Executive Order that would help to combat worker misclassification in New Jersey by establishing a task force that will ramp up enforcement of existing laws. The State Federation praises the governor for taking these steps to curtail the practice of misclassification that causes employees to be denied access to critical benefits and protections on the job.

Growing our economy depends on the ability of workers to make a fair day’s wage while being afforded the benefits and respect commensurate with the duties they perform. The State Federation is proud to work with the governor to address pressing issues including worker misclassification in order to promote a level playing field for workers across the state.

The Murphy administration, is holding true to its word and advancing an agenda to put working families first. With the support of our affiliates and community partners, we will continue to use this opportunity to ensure fairness and economic growth for the millions of workers who keep our state strong and moving forward.

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