For the third Saturday in a row, union members across the state are knocking on the doors of fellow union sisters and brothers to inform them about this year’s endorsed candidates for State Assembly and pro-labor down ballot candidates. We have 67 union members who are on the ballot this year along with the entire Assembly and one Senate race.

The message is simple: Issues matter.  Voting records matter.  If you stood with us in the State House this legislative session (or are a pro-union challenger) – then we are standing with you this election and working hard to turnout the vote for endorsed candidates.

Labor also made a big push in Jersey City this Saturday, distributing materials urging VOTE YES on municipal ballot question #1, which seeks to protect our jobs, homes and neighborhoods with a sensible short term rental law. 

Thank you to all of our Central Labor Councils who sponsored labor walks this weekend and to our affiliates who sent union member volunteers.  Thank you for your commitment!



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