Endorsed Candidates 2019

With the entire New Jersey State Assembly, one special State Senate, and as many as 80 county and local offices sought by rank-and-file labor candidates on the ballot, the 2019 General Election is an opportunity to win big for our unions, community allies, progressive partners and all working families throughout New Jersey.

This is our chance to launch a major labor offensive, our chance to expand working family representation in the State Assembly and strengthen the voice of organized labor throughout New Jersey. We have all witnessed first-hand the powerful influence of anti-worker state legislatures. For instance, since 2012, five states (Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia) along with several counties in New Mexico have passed Right-to-Work legislation. However, if we stand together, the New Jersey labor movement is uniquely positioned to repel these anti-worker policies and advance a progressive labor agenda that will benefit all working families.

Our candidates are fighting for an economy that works for all of us, not just corporations and the wealthy. They are fighting to make healthcare more affordable and to ensure equal pay for equal work.

Every vote counts. There is strength in numbers, and when we vote and encourage our families to vote, we can make a difference. If you don’t stand up for what you believe in and elect candidates who will work for you, others will—and you may not like the outcome.

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