Endorsed Candidates 2016

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* Incumbent + Labor Candidate

 President of the United States


Hillary Clinton (D)

Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for children and working families, and will be the most effective champion for working people in the White House. Every day, Hillary Clinton will fight for you and for higher wages so you can get ahead and stay ahead.

United States House of Representatives


District 1
Donald Norcross (D)*+

Norcross has voted for a fairer tax code, fighting to make sure corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share so we may fund the critical investments New Jerseyans want and need.


District 2
Frank LoBiondo (R)*

Each weekend Frank LoBiondo can be seen at community events across South Jersey. From charity runs on the boardwalk to church BBQs to fire halls, Frank remains as available and accessible now as the day he first ran for the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders. His first and foremost focus on constituent services has been evident throughout his time at the state and federal levels.


District 4
Chris Smith (R)*

First elected to Congress at the age of 27, Chris Smith has earned the reputation of a courageous advocate for the people, the go-to-guy, and a “bulldog” for his tenacity in seeing a cause through. He is a trusted leader providing more than 30 years of indefatigable service to the residents of New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District.


District 5
Josh Gottheimer (D)

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Fiscally responsible & socially progressive, Josh will bring a new sense of commitment and involvement to District 5. He'll focus on bringing jobs to the district, improving infrastructure, repairing the tax code, and delivering common sense solutions.


District 6
Frank Pallone (D)*

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. has a 95% lifetime pro-labor voting record.

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Pallone stood up to House Republicans who refused to vote on Superstorm Sandy relief legislation and slowed critical recovery aid to help the region’s communities recover and rebuild.


District 7
Peter Jacob (D)

Raised in Union, New Jersey, Peter understands how important a safe and caring community is to success. Peter witnessed the impact of the financial crisis firsthand, working with families to rebuild after losing homes, jobs, and healthcare insurance. These experiences sticks with Peter to this day.


District 8
Albio Sires (D)*

Congressman Albio Sires has a 97% lifetime pro-labor voting record.

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Sires stood up to House Republicans who refused to bring Superstorm Sandy relief legislation to a vote, bringing critical recovery aid to help the region’s communities recover and rebuild.


District 9
Bill Pascrell (D)*

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. has a 99% lifetime pro-labor voting record.

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Bill Pascrell knows we all benefit when we put people to work upgrading our nation's roads, bridges and transportation systems.  That's why he voted against harmful infrastructure cuts. 


District 10
Donald Payne, Jr. (D)*

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Payne knows we all benefit when we put people to work upgrading our nation’s roads, bridges and transportation systems. That’s why he voted against harmful infrastructure cuts.


District 11
Joe Wenzel (D)

Joe Wenzel believes it is our responsibility to look into the future and for our representatives in Washington to do all that they can to open the pathways for those careers and possibilities. Wenzel would introduce legislation to open up small business incubators throughout the country and the 11th District to help develop cutting edge and transformative new enterprise.


District 12
Watson Coleman (D)*

Watson Coleman believes everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage. That’s why she has fought for bold initiatives like raising the minimum wage and tying future increases to the cost of living.


New Jersey State Senate


District 18
Patrick J.
Diegnan, Jr. (D)*

Diegnan opposes "right to work" laws that weaken working people's ability to bargain for better wages and working conditions. He will protect the benefits our public service workers have earned, like pensions and health care. He will also fight to update the law to make it illegal to discriminate against employees on the basis of gender.

New Jersey State Assembly


District 18
Robert J.
Karabinchak (D)*

Karabinchak believes in investing in infrastructure. As City Council president, Karabinchak fought to fund investments in Edison's infrastructure. He also knows one of the best ways to create jobs is to push for investment in good-paying green jobs that also help the environment. Like Diegnan, he supports equal pay for equal work because it's fair for women and good for working families.

State Ballot Questions


Constitutional Amendment Dedicating Existing Gas Tax Revenue to the Transportation Trust Fund


Constitutional Amendment Expanding Casino Gaming to Northern New Jersey