Elections Are More than Just Voting


There are only 17 days left until the election. If we need any proof that elections have consequences, look no further than our national politics. The last thing New Jersey needs is another four years of Christie’s failed policies. So, as we look towards the future, we must realize that our direction depends on the choices we make. However, those choices involve more than just pulling a lever on Election Day.

Choosing to be involved in the labor 2017 program, choosing to make phone calls and knock on doors – those are the choices that will determine the outcome of this election. It’s within all of us to make the right choice, and we are proud of everyone who has dedicated their time and energy to our education efforts thus far.

This Saturday alone, 1,131 union volunteers knocked on 39,585 doors. This is no doubt an impressive feat, yet the stakes are too high to leave anything to chance. We need to mobilize the full strength of our movement, which will all but guarantee our success.

From now through November 7th, we need to ask ourselves what choices we are making to ensure a victory for working families. CLICK HERE to get started now.

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