Election Day is 10 Days Out: Labor Gets Out the Word!

With all the news coming out of Washington and everywhere else, it’s easy to miss that in just 10 days, New Jersey voters will go to the polls to vote for positions from State Senate to School Boards. That’s why today, over 1,539 union members came out and talked with fellow union members to make sure that the voice of labor will be heard this Election Day.  

Today every sector of the labor movement, from the building and construction trades, to public employees, to health care, service sector, manufacturing, transportation, education and many more, all worked in solidarity to elect New Jersey State AFL-CIO endorsed candidates and 67 labor candidates.

When we elect labor candidates and politicians who have earned the endorsement of labor, we win victories for all working people from paid family leave to fair wages and safe working conditions.

Thank you to all of our Central Labor Councils who sponsored labor walks this weekend and to our affiliates who sent union member volunteers.  Your commitment makes a difference! 

Election Day is only 10 days away, make your plans now to VOTE and make the voice of working families heard on November 5th.

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