Earned Sick Days and Equal Pay Advance Following Senate and Assembly Votes


Equal Pay (A-1/S-104): The state Senate and Assembly took an historic step today by voting to approve a measure that would ensure equal pay for equal work across the state. The bill passed the state Senate with unanimous support. CLICK HERE for the Assembly vote tally.

Earned Sick Days (A-1827/S-2171): The state Assembly voted to pass a bill guaranteeing earned sick days. CLICK HERE for results.

In the state Senate, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO supported earned sick leave, which cleared the Senate Labor Committee this morning with Senators Cunningham, Madden, and Weinberg voting in the affirmative and Senator Bucco voting no.

These outcomes would not have been achieved if not for the leadership role of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and its many affiliated unions. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO recognizes the prime sponsors of earned sick leave and the Equal Pay Act. We also thank Senate President Sweeney Assembly Speaker Coughlin for shepherding these bills towards final passage. Additionally, we would like to specially recognize Senator Weinberg and Assemblywoman Lampitt for being the prime sponsors of each of these bills in their respective chambers.

Following passage of the earned sick days by the full Senate, both bills will only require the governor’s signature to become law, and our resolve will continue until these final steps are completed. Once again, as we near the finish line, we thank our affiliates for bringing us this far and positioning our state to lead the nation forward in the fight for fairness and workplace justice.

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