Daily Journal and Courier Post Editorials in Favor of Ballot Question #2

As opponents to raising the minimum wage ramp up attacks against Ballot Question #2, it is always encouraging to see stories in the news that cut through the rhetoric and explain why increasing the minimum wage is a good thing for struggling families and our state’s economy.

Two such stories appeared this week – one in the Daily Journal of Bridgeton and one in the Courier Post of Cherry Hill.
These editorials highlight the shocking level of poverty in New Jersey and the fact that it is simply impossible to make ends meet on $7.25 an hour. The Daily Journal correctly points out: “An extra $40 a week means two more complete dinners for a family of four, extra cash to buy needed medicine for sick children or a full tank of gas – making a world of difference for families living paycheck to paycheck and on the economic edge.”
While a dollar increase in the minimum wage would immediately benefit low-wage workers, the annual cost of living adjustment, which Ballot Question #2 would enact, is the best way to ensure the minimum wage is not eroded over time. The Courier Post wrote: “According to the Economic Policy Institute, wages fell for the bottom 70 percent of workers between 2007 and 2012. Consumers have paid the price… Meanwhile, CEO compensation rose 37.4 percent between 2009 and 2012.”
As we head into the final days of this election cycle, it is more important than ever to make sure that everyone you know gets to the polls on Election Day to vote “Yes” on Ballot Question #2 this November 5th. We greatly appreciate the exemplary work you have put into this campaign. With your continued support, we will “Raise the Wage” in New Jersey.
Vote “Yes” on Ballot Question #2 this November 5th

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