Continuing the March Forward, Shaping our Future Together

AFT.jpgMore than one million people marched over the weekend in Washington, DC, Trenton, and around the world to declare that we will not be silent, and that the fight for women’s rights must go on despite the new White House administration.

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Across our state, more than 15,000 union members and community allies marched as one in the streets on Saturday and we recognize our many affiliates for showing their solidarity and support for the issues at stake, including equal pay, education, workers’ rights, Medicare, jobs, women’s healthcare, and 20 million Americans who are at risk of losing their health insurance.

The question on many people’s minds now is where we go from here.

Fortunately, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO is engaged in several campaigns and initiatives that will allow us to build strength and power for all working people moving forward. We are informing our affiliates about online actions they can take as the Trump administration rolls out its agenda. We are in constant contact with our Congressional delegation to ensure that our voices are heard in Washington.

Statehouse.jpgGovernor Christie has waged war on women in New Jersey, cutting funding for women’s health and vetoing legislation to ensure equal pay for equal work. In the upcoming year, we can choose another path. New Jersey is one of two states in the nation that will elect a new governor this year. Furthermore, all 120 state legislative seats will be up for election. These races will not only be a powerful referendum on national policy, but also ensure that we can stand up for women’s issues in our state, setting an example for the country to follow.

Help us continue the fight by organizing, uniting, educating, amplifying our voices, and standing up for inclusive progressive policies that build our state and nation. Now is the time to grow our grassroots strength and continue the march forward. Once again, we thank our affiliates for making their voices heard, and we look forward to the difference we will continue to make together in our united pursuit of justice for all.

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