Congressional Panel Brings Together Legislators and Labor, Discusses Future of Wages and Work

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO was proud to join our union brother and congressman, Honorable Donald Norcross, for a panel discussion that focused on how to improve the lives of all working families through legislative and political action. The panel featured several members of Congress, and we thank our many affiliates, who joined to participate in the discussion.

This type of constructive dialog is essential given the various threats facing the labor movement under the current administration. Appointments to the Supreme Court and NLRB will have a dramatic impact on labor organizing. Issues ranging from trade, health care reform, immigration, and infrastructure spending will likewise carry significant implications for our country’s workforce.

By bringing all sectors of the labor movement together, we ensure that we are united in facing the challenges ahead; we understand that a threat to one sector of the labor movement is a threat to all sectors.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has provided a roadmap for the nation to navigating these types of challenging times through the Labor Candidates program. And the State Federation was proud to share the story of our ongoing success in electing rank-and-file union members to public office as part of the panel discussion.

Once again, we thank our union brother and congressman, Honorable Donald Norcross, for hosting this event as well as our many Executive Board members and affiliates who participated and demonstrated their ongoing commitment to building the labor movement and advancing workplace justice.

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