Congratulations to RWDSU 108 on Four Contract Victories


Despite the challenging political environment, workers are still capable of exercising their collective voice when they stand together in solidarity. RWDSU Local 108 remains a leader in elevating the voices of working families as demonstrated by four recent contract victories.

  • Workers at the Hasbrouck Heights DPW were successful in their effort to secure a first contract.
  • Gateway Shuttle Bus Drivers ratified a first contract that provides raises, added vacation time, and more overtime opportunities after five years without a wage increase.
  • Union City Parking Authority workers secured a five-year contract that provides significant wage increases and a night shift differential.
  • Last but not least, part-time workers in the City of Hoboken renewed their contract, securing a four-year deal that will put members on track to earn at least $15.00 per hour and to receive city holidays. Hoboken crossing guards will receive three additional personal days.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud of RWDSU Local 108’s victories and we extend our gratitude to all our affiliates who rallied in solidarity with our brothers and sisters during last month’s rally for a fair contract at the Gateway Company.

It’s clear that government alone cannot keep pace with the needs of workers in today’s economy. Time and time again, collective bargaining has proved to be the critical lifeline for workers seeking fair compensation and a middle class standard of living.

Despite the clear need to strengthen collective bargaining rights, the new administration has an agenda that is diametrically opposed to workers and their right to organize. Therefore, we are extremely proud of the work of RWDSU Local 108 and our many affiliates, who continue to organize and ensure that workers’ voices are being heard and that we continue to fight for an economy that works for all.

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