Conditions Worsen for Remaining Trenton Wyndham Hotel Workers


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO urges all affiliates, union allies, legislators and community partners to continue to stand with Trenton Wyndham Garden Hotel workers, whose employment conditions have continued to deteriorate over the past year and whose owner has refused to bargain for a new contract.

Hotel owner Edison Holding/Welcome Hotel Group LLC canceled workers’ health insurance, quit paying for earned time off and changed the compensation structure for working banquets so that employees earn far less than before. Most recently, workers who have not been laid off have seen their paychecks bounce. This is a disgrace.

The National Labor Relations Board filed unfair labor practices complaints, and a hearing has been scheduled for April 6.

Our brothers and sisters represented by UNITE HERE Local 54 need your support. We therefore remind you to keep the worsening situation of these workers in mind when booking meetings and making travel arrangements.

We thank you on behalf of UNITE HERE Local 54, and ask that you continue to stand with the workers until this dispute is resolved.

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