Clouded Skies and Hazy Politics Won’t Hold Us Back


There are 24 days left before the election. This is great news for those of us who would like to break away from the embarrassment of the Christie/Trump agenda. This election carries enormous potential because it can serve as a strong contrast to the anti-worker policies that have pervaded our nation and stifled the middle class.

Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver are standard bearers for working family values and proponents of putting the middle class first. It was therefore, our honor to have both candidates join for our labor walks this Saturday, as they have done throughout the election cycle.

With the election season in full-swing, labor volunteers were out in force. A total of 1,186 members knocked on more than 41,510 union household doors. So, while Trump is rambling about “the calm before the storm,” union members are calmly and collectively working to move us beyond the Christie/Trump storm. We will continue to fight come rain or shine, and as always, thank you for making these efforts possible.

Once again, CLICK HERE to maximize labor’s voice in this election by joining in the three Saturday labor walks remaining, and of course, our all-out mobilization on Election Day.

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