CD 5 Upset Would be a Major Win for Workers


Polling shows that New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District is one of the most fiercely contested races in the nation. This gives workers a golden opportunity to unseat entrenched seven-term incumbent Scott Garrett, whose lifetime record on workers’ issues is a whopping zero percent.

Scott Garrett is a Tea Party extremist who isn’t just anti worker; he has spent his time in Congress voting against women’s rights, veterans, first responders, civil rights, modernizing New Jersey’s infrastructure, and job creation. You read that right. Garrett, has cast votes in opposition to all of these issues and more. CLICK HERE to see his record for yourself.

It makes you wonder: who exactly does Garrett represent? It’s certainly not the members of his district or the people of this state. That is why the New Jersey labor movement is proud to stand with Josh Gottheimer, who is running to represent our New Jersey values.

If the distinction between these candidates was not clear enough already, here is a video of Gottheimer speaking with union members at the New Jersey State AFL-CIO 29th Constitutional Convention about leveling the playing field for workers and bringing the same work ethic to Congress that millions of New Jerseyans bring to their jobs every day.

As Gottheimer points out, working men and women will make the difference in this race. Therefore, we urge all union members to join us for our walks and phone banks as often as possible to ensure working family values are represented in New Jersey’s 5th District.

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