Call your U.S. Senators to Stop Trump Care 1-888-865-8089


The AHCA, which seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, would have devastating consequences for millions of Americans. In a nutshell this bill will take away access to health care for millions of Americans and enrich companies that are already reaping billions in profit from the health care industry. To say that this bill is taking the nation in the complete wrong direction is an understatement. But we know that exercising our voice can and will make the difference.

Take a moment right now to contact your U.S. Senators at 1-888-865-8089 and urge them to oppose the AHCA and instead devise measures that will strengthen the Affordable Care Act, not take us backwards.

Here are the key takeaways from the bill that you can reference in your call:

  • Millions of Americans will lose their health insurance coverage over the next decade.
  • This loss of coverage for millions of Americans will be done in order to pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
  • The bill maintains the so-called Cadillac tax, punishing union members who have quality, affordable, employer-based health insurance plans.
  • The bill includes an age tax, allowing insurers to charge older Americans as much as five times what they charge younger Americans.
  • The Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion will be phased out from 2020 to 2024. Cuts to Medicaid are designed to grow larger every year. In the second decade – beyond what the CBO will score – this bill will gut Medicaid as we know it.

We anticipate that this legislation could be voted on by the U.S. Senate as soon as Thursday, June 29th, so please call now to make your voice heard. Thank you as always for your solidarity and support.

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