Call to Oppose Trump Nominee for HHS Secretary

Republicans in the Senate are moving fast to try to push through President Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointments.

One of their priorities is Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), Trump’s nominee for secretary of health and human services. During his confirmation hearings, Price refused to say whether he’d oppose cuts to Medicare and Medicaid benefits. He also has been a vocal supporter of taking away health benefits from millions of people by repealing the Affordable Care Act and even opposes the idea of banning insurance companies from discriminating against patients with pre-existing conditions.

Click here now to call or dial 1-866-803-8830 to tell your senators to oppose Trump’s nominee—Tom Price—for health and human services secretary.

If that weren’t enough, Price wants to cut protections for people with serious illnesses, let insurance companies charge higher premiums for women, older people and workers based on their jobs, and eliminate the expansion of Medicaid. He also wants to tax your workplace health benefits. Instead of taking on unjustified prescription drug prices and other medical costs. Needless to say, Price is the last person we need in charge of the department tasked with protecting the benefits more than 100 million people rely on every day.

We are proud to have the support of our U.S. Senators, Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, but we must still make our voice heard on an issue of such monumental importance.

Call now to let your senators know that Tom Price is wrong to head up the Health and Human Services Department. 

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