Call 844-899-9913 to Oppose Gorsuch Nomination to Supreme Court

Just as Trump’s health care plan would have been a disaster for the country, his choice of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court poses a similar threat to all working families. Call 844-899-9913 now and urge your U.S. Senators to oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Senate is expected to vote on Thursday, April 6th and each day between now and then provides an opportunity for working people to make their voices heard. We demonstrated the power of our collective voice by defeating Trump Care, and we must once again band together to oppose Gorsuch.

Much was revealed about Gorsuch’s judgment during the Senate hearings last week; it was troubling to say the least. Gorsuch has shown repeatedly that he would give corporations greater protections in court. As a judge, he routinely ruled against the interests of working people when it came to safety on the job. He also has made a habit of rejecting discrimination claims against workers and dismissing workers’ efforts to secure earned wages and benefits. Gorsuch even ruled against a truck driver who was fired after refusing to drive an unsafe vehicle or wait in subzero temperatures for road assistance to arrive – despite six other judges upholding the driver’s claim.

This is arguably one of the most important Supreme Court nominations of our time. We all remember the Friedrichs case that went before the Supreme Court last year, which had the potential to devastate collective bargaining rights for public sector workers and weaken our labor movement as whole. This threat has not gone away and corporate interests are sure to raise the issue again with the next Supreme Court Justice likely to be the deciding vote.   

We cannot afford to have the Court further skewed in favor of corporations that would severely and adversely affect the lives and wellbeing of America’s working families. Call 844-899-9913 now and urge the Senate to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination and insist on a nominee with a record demonstrating greater respect for the rights of working families.

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