Attention State, County, and Municipal Employees: Protect Your Pension through PERS Trustee Nominations


The nominations process for selecting Trustees to serve on the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) Board is currently underway. It is imperative that every eligible public employee participates in order to ensure a secure retirement future.

There are a total of three seats up this election cycle: one state, one county, and one municipal. The Public Employee Committee (PEC) of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO unanimously endorsed the below candidates for re-election to the PERS Board based upon their excellent representation to date and the fact they are active union members.

Keep in mind that you may only nominate one person to the Board, so be sure to use the link below and information below. Only active employees (not retirees), who are enrolled in the PERS retirement system can vote in this election.

  • State employeesCLICK HERE to nominate William O’Brien as the PERS State Representative
  • County employeesCLICK HERE to nominate Tracy Smith as the PERS County Representative
  • Municipal employeesCLICK HERE to nominate Brian Currie as the PERS Municipal Representative

Once again, PERS Trustees have significant influence over the future of the pension system. Therefore, it is essential that you take part in the current nominating process which requires a total of at least 500 signatures to be collected per candidate.

Your support is vital to ensuring a secure and fully funded pension system. If you have any questions please contact Eric Richard, our Legislative Affairs Coordinator at


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