Assembly Passes Legislation Establishing Early Voting

Party Line Vote Sends the Legislation to the Governor’s Desk

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO and community allies thank Assemblyman John Wisniewski and Speaker Sheila Oliver for the sponsorship and leadership in passing legislation   (S-2364 / A-3553) establishing an early voting program. We also thank all the members of the State Assembly that voted in favor. The bill passed today by a 46-31-0-3 vote along party lines with Democrats supporting and Republicans opposing. The Senate version (S-2364: Gill / Whelan) passed the Senate on March 18, 2013, also along party lines, by a vote of 24-16. The vote tally sheet can be found HERE. The bill gives New Jersey voters an opportunity to vote 15 days before Election Day, establishes early voting centers throughout the state and extends voting hours on weekends and weekday evenings.

At a time when other states are putting politics over people with attempts to restrict voting rights through voter ID laws, here in New Jersey, Democrats in the legislature are moving in the opposite direction, expanding voting rights and access to the polls. In-person early voting is already practiced in 32 states as well as the District of Columbia. Job conflicts, illnesses, child care issues and even a super storm like Hurricane Sandy can often make voting difficult. This legislation will enhance New Jersey’s voting system and help increase participation in our electoral process. This bill is about strengthening democracy and respecting voters and we respectfully urge Governor Christie to sign it into law.

If you would like more information, please contact Legislative Affairs Coordinator Eric Richard at 609-989-8730 or

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