AHCA Clears House, Fight to Continue in Senate

While the U.S. House passed its amended health care plan today by a slim majority of 217 to 213, the fight to defend access to affordable health care for millions of Americans is not over. The bill still needs to get through the Senate where we must do everything in our power to stop it.

While it is disappointing that many representatives caved to political pressure and put party before the wellbeing of their constituents, we applaud those members from the New Jersey delegation who voted to oppose this reckless and destructive policy.

NJ House Delegation Vote on American Health Care Act of 2017 

RIGHT – Donald Norcross (D-01)
RIGHT – Frank LoBiondo (R-02)
WRONG – Tom MacArthur (R-03)
RIGHT – Chris Smith (R-04)
RIGHT – Josh Gottheimer (D-05)
RIGHT – Frank Pallone (D-06)
RIGHT – Leonard Lance (R-07)
RIGHT – Albio Sires (D-08)
RIGHT – Bill Pascrell (D-09)
RIGHT – Donald Payne (D-10)
WRONG – Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11)
RIGHT – Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12)

Access to health care in our country shouldn’t depend on age, health, or wealth, and instead should be accessible to all Americans. The AHCA will strip away the progress made under the ACA, eliminating health insurance for 24 million Americans and pricing out of the market elderly Americans and those with preexisting conditions.

We thank everyone who has joined in the battle to defeat this bill, and urge you to keep the fight alive as the health of our country depends on it.

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