AFSCME President Saunders: Unions Built Middle Class, and They Can Rebuild It

In his recent op-ed, AFSCME General President Lee Saunders, makes it clear that unions and their progressive community allies are the key to rebuilding our nation’s middle class. Trickle-down economics has proven time and time again to be an abject failure, and it is time for us to return to the proven strategy of building our middle class from the ground up. That job begins with workers, their unions, and many progressive grassroots partners.

Through unions, we work to ensure fair pay for an honest day’s work, safe and healthy working conditions, the ability to retire with dignity, equal pay for equal work, social justice, and a level economic playing field. Unions are a vehicle through which individual workers can realize the strength of their collective voice and use it to advance the interests of the middle class.

President Saunders writes in his op-ed:

“Our past upward mobility was made possible by the American labor movement, which helped workers gain a fair share of the nation’s prosperity through collective bargaining and political activism. Unions were and continue to be the only organizations willing to stand up and fight for working people and the middle class. And it is unions that can get us out of the mess we’re in now.”

To view this op-ed in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

A resurgence of the labor movement in this country, is not just long overdue, but is essential to the future of our middle class, restoring balance to the economy, and upholding the principle of upward mobility in our country.

We are grateful to join together with our brothers and sisters along with our progressive community allies to continue the timeless pursuit of workers’ rights and economic justice.

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