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Urge Nabisco/Mondelēz International to Keep Bakery Production in the U.S.

Worldwide cookie maker Nabisco and its parent company, Mondelēz International, have chosen to outsource 600 bakery jobs from Chicago to Salinas, Mexico, and to invest millions of dollars in workers and infrastructure across the border instead of at home. This short-sighted decision abandons America, destroys a community that depends on Nabisco for jobs and rejects the experienced workforce represented by Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM).

In keeping with a resolution unanimously passed by more than 600 delegates at our Constitutional Convention, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO is doing everything in its power to support our brothers and sisters at BCTGM. We are asking our affiliates, allies and community partners to join in the Fight for American Jobs by sending a clear message to Nabisco/Mondelēz International that the decision to outsource these jobs is wrong for our country and its workers and should be reversed. Here are specific actions you can take today:

  • BOYCOTT all Nabisco products and snacks made outside the U.S. Check the label, and leave cookies and crackers on store shelves if they were made in Mexico.
  • SIGN THE PETITION online to save the Chicago jobs by CLICKING HERE.

Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelēz International, is a $35 billion powerhouse in the global food industry. Its plant in Fairlawn, NJ, employs hundreds of brothers and sisters represented by BCTGM Local 719.

Please join the NJ State AFL-CIO delegates who pledged to oppose present and future attempts by Nabisco/Mondelēz International to destroy families by sending good-paying, middle-class jobs to low-wage economies beyond our borders. By speaking with one voice, we can press Nabisco/Mondelēz to be a responsible company that grows the middle class by providing good, permanent jobs.

Thank you for supporting the BCTGM workers who are fighting to retain their jobs at Mondelēz Nabisco Bakery.

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