ACTION NEEDED: Congress Must Move Beyond Debt to Fix Our Economy

CLICK HERE if you would like to tell Congress to move beyond the debt debate and get to work fixing our economy by investing in jobs, infrastructure, and economic security.

The fiscal cliff was averted, but the deadline to address the debt ceiling was only pushed a few months down the road, and working families now face damaging across-the-board sequestration cuts unless Congress takes action. So why is it that our country is in this glut, moving from one fiscal debate to another? The answer is because it is a way for right wing leadership to keep Congressional focus on national debt and cutting government spending.

Constantly focusing on debt is a misguided strategy for several reasons: 1) to fix our economy we need to focus on creating jobs, not just cutting spending, 2) we cannot stabilize our national debt unless we fix our economy first, and 3) continued cuts to the middle class threaten to drive our economy backwards and inflate our debt as was seen in Europe.

To prevent our middle class and economy from moving backwards as a result of ongoing debt debates, Congress needs to hear from us. CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to your members of Congress urging them to:

  • Oppose benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Cancel across-the-board sequestration cuts
  • Close tax loopholes for Wall Street, the richest 2%, and outsourcing jobs

All this time spent on false fiscal crises is taking time away from the real debates that should be taking place, such as addressing unemployment, investing in infrastructure, raising wages, and increasing economic security for working people. The fact remains that we cannot improve our economy with cuts alone. We need to fix our economy before we can fix the debt.

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