Acting Governor Sheila Oliver Signs Landmark Anti-Wage Theft Law

On Tuesday, August 6, Acting Governor Sheila Oliver signed landmark anti-wage theft bill S-1790 into law, making New Jersey’s wage and hour protections among the strongest in the country.

The law enhances enforcement of state wage and hour laws, ensuring that workers are paid what they are owed. Under the law, employers that violate wage and hour protections by not paying minimum wage, overtime or failing to pay for hours worked can be held liable for treble damages and fines. The law also extends the statute of limitations from two to six years for workers to file claims, strengthens joint employer liability where firms use subcontractors and strengthens anti-retaliation provisions to protect employees who speak out against wage and hour violations.

Primary sponsors of the bill include Senators Loretta Weinberg and Linda Greenstein, and Assembly members Wayne DeAngelo, Pamela Lampitt and Annette Quijano.

“This law will ensure that New Jersey’s working men and women are paid the wages they have earned,” said Charles Wowkanech, President of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO. “The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks the sponsors of this important legislation and the unions and community activists who worked tirelessly to make this law a reality. Because of their efforts, New Jersey’s wage and hour protections are now among the strongest in the country. This is no doubt a tremendous victory for New Jersey’s working families.”

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