Act Now to Put the Brakes on Fast Track


Congress has introduced the job-killing Fast Track bill. To defeat this measure, we all need to make our voices heard. All it takes is one moment of your time. You can call or forward an e-mail to your members of Congress using the information below:

  • Call: 1-855-790-8815 to be connected directly to your representative’s office
  • E-mail: Forward a prewritten message to your members of Congress by clicking HERE.

Our message to Congress is simple: Vote “No” on Fast Track.

Fast Track would establish a process that allows no amendments and limited debate on trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Fast Track would open the flood gates to the same NAFTA style, unfair trade deals that have cost millions of American jobs, devastated our manufacturing base, and suppressed health and safety regulations around the world.

Even if you’ve already taken action, please make another call. Your voice is critical right now. Together we must send a resounding message to Congress that Fast Track is wrong for workers and must be defeated.

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