Act Now to Help Us Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Right now, behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the public, representatives from 11 countries – including our own – and multiple international corporations are negotiating a so-called “free trade” agreement that could have more far-reaching impacts than even NAFTA.

Called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, it would lessen trade barriers between the United States and numerous countries throughout the Pacific and South America, including those which pay their workers only a fraction of what American workers make, and in conditions that no worker should endure. It would have more negative impacts on New Jersey industries that have never recovered from NAFTA.

What’s worse, TPP would actually let rich corporations take governments to international courts to challenge laws they see as endangering their profits. It would make the outsourcing of American jobs easier. It would trample the rights of workers to organize. It would allow foreign companies to sell our families food and other products that don’t come near to meeting our nation’s high standards for safety and quality. Quite simply, TTP would put us in a dangerous race to the bottom!

Help us stop TPP before it’s too late! The Office of the US Trade Representative has asked Congress for broad fast-track powers that could force TPP on us without the proper oversight and debate. We need you to join us in making sure Congress and the President know that they cannot enter these so-called “free trade” pacts without our consent.

Click here to send a letter to your member of Congress to tell them to oppose TPP and fast-track authority that would kill American jobs.

Make sure our leaders know that for working families, so-called “free trade” agreements that put us at risk are not fair trade!

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