In 2013, the New Jersey Labor Movement Sets an Example for the Nation to Follow

In 2013, we saw the New Jersey labor movement at its best. This Labor Fax celebrates our solidarity, our movement, and the victories we achieved thanks to your support, courage, and endless commitment to the working people of our state.

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Together, we made history by amending the state constitution to raise the minimum wage with an annual COLA. However, we realize that this is just one step towards helping struggling families make ends meet and that our ongoing mission to create living wage jobs for our unemployed brothers and sisters must continue.
This year, we also took on one of the most powerful and heavily-funded governors in the nation and reaffirmed our state’s commitment to a progressive policy agenda. While the Governor picked up a win for his personality, in terms of policy, workers carried the day by maintaining control of the State Legislature and electing 46 labor candidates to public office.
Our decisive victory in New Jersey provided a strong contrast to the war being waged against workers all around the country by business groups and right-wing legislators. There is no doubt that New Jersey will continue to lead the way in advancing progressive policies for all workers, setting an example for the nation to follow.
The credit for this year’s success belongs to our Central Labor Councils, Building Trades Councils, affiliates, and community partners, who put forth a year-round effort focused on community education, shared prosperity, and workers’ justice. Together, we will ensure that 2013 is only a sample of what is yet to come in 2014 and beyond.

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