2015 WILD Conference: Keep the Commitment Going!


The Women in Leadership Development (WILD) conference has been empowering union women for 11 years, and as we enter the New Year, we are resolved to keep that commitment going. With our preparations for the 12th Annual WILD Conference well underway, we are asking you to help make this conference another landmark success.

CLICK HERE to download the 2015 WILD Brochure

We will use our 2015 WILD Conference as a way to raise awareness of our economic surroundings. In order to maximize this awareness we are counting on all of our WILD sisters to begin educating the next generation of WILD women.

The national AFL-CIO is currently focused on creating a network of young worker groups around the nation to ensure that the labor movement has a future. Through WILD, we will be at the cutting-edge of young worker education and empowerment to build and grow the labor movement.

Therefore, we are issuing a challenge to all of our WILD sisters this year: "keep the commitment going, and bring a young union sister to WILD". Not only is this an opportunity to recruit, train, and inspire the next generation of workers, but by supporting the development of young workers, we become stronger leaders ourselves.

In addition to bringing a young union sister with you to WILD we are continuing to collect photos of all our WILD sisters either on the job or standing up to support our progressive union values. Please email your photos as soon as possible to Lee Sandberg at lsandberg@njaflcio.org to show how far our WILD grassroots unity and diversity extends.

As a reminder the 12th Annual WILD Conference will be held at the East Brunswick Hilton from March 6-7, 2015. CLICK HERE to download the brochure and register. Thank you as always for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in March.

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