More than 1,000 Union Volunteers Join Us on Labor Walks Across the State

Working Families Benefit When Labor Candidates Win


Everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a decent living and provide a good life for themselves and their families. But, we see more and more working people struggling to do just that. Wall Street is raking in record profits, but fewer of those dollars are winding up in the wallets of middle-class workers like us.


Elections give us the opportunity to change the trajectory of the economy by voting for candidates who share our values and know our concerns. This year, 67 of our own union members are running for offices ranging from school board and council to mayor, freeholder and state Assembly. These men and women are our union brothers and sisters who are counting on our support.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s labor walks give union members the chance to go door-to-door to advocate for the candidates who will support our interests as elected officials. This week, more than 1,000 volunteers joined us throughout the state. To view photos from today’s labor walk, CLICK HERE.

We’ve seen lots of familiar faces on our labor walks, and met many enthusiastic first-time volunteers. We thank the Central Labor Councils, affiliates and volunteers for joining us, and remind everyone that there is one more labor walk next Saturday as well as opportunities to volunteer on Election Day!

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